Quarantine And Chill - The Impact of Coronavirus on Travel (Discoverdior)

Social distancing, or maintaining physical distance between yourself and others, can help slow the spread of COVID-19 within our communities. Need something to do. Here’s a great idea!!! (DiscoverDior)

JUST IN: Pres. Trump says he is considering domestic travel restrictions

"specifically from certain areas," after Pentagon restricted service members' domestic travel.
"If you don't have to travel I wouldn't do it... we want this thing to end." ABCNEWS

The quote suggests that Trump is considering announcing interstate travel ban tonight to fight coronavirus, but advisers trying to convince him against it due to constitutional concerns and fears it could hammer the economy.

“Domestic bookings began to weaken significantly only in the last two weeks, but since then the major airlines have suspended their earnings forecasts, announced deep cuts to service, eliminated most change fees, frozen hiring and put big spending plans on hold.

In this video by Malkam Dior, is when this Cardi B Corona Virus song hit Spotify -

“Our overarching goal during this time is cash preservation,” Ed Bastian, the chief executive of Delta Air Lines, said at the conference in New York.

After a steep decline in net new bookings, Delta said it would slash service by about 15 percent, with the largest cuts focused abroad. It said domestic service, which accounts for nearly three-fourths of its revenue, would be between 10 and 15 percent.” -

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “Travel restrictions have helped us prevent the spread of the virus.”

Here’s what people on social media are saying about Trump's travel ban causing worse case exposure at US airports. “If flyers weren’t exposed to COVID-19 before, they probably are now. From a public health perspective, this is malpractice,” health professionals said. “The lack of preparation and concern is unfathomable.”

Our conclusion is that even Mnuchin and Kudlow have told Trump that "people are staying home and practicing social distancing anyway, so the national travel ban would not be beneficial.". That's bullshit and they know it. They are afraid of economic consequences, guess what - DEAD PEOPLE DON'T BUY STUFF.



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