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Hawaii Is Recruiting People Who Work From Home To Relocate To Honolulu And Work From There By Paying For Their Flights - DiscoverDior

If you’re fortunate to be employed through the pandemic and even more fortunate to work from home, Hawaii is calling you!

No worries about the travel pandemic ain’t looking too bad either. The state has the lowest average daily number of cases of coronavirus per 100,000. Only 5.5 people per 100,000 are infected with COVID-19.

The state, which is missing out on millions of dollars in tourism due to covid-related shutdowns, is now working a new angle to boost the state’s economy. “Movers and Shakas” is a program that aims to “recruit talented professionals” who will “help to build a more resilient Hawaii economy,” according to the website, Insider reports.

In other words, professional city girls, prepared to get “flewed” out! If you already work from home, then you know you can pretty much work from anywhere that has a WiFi connection so why not work from the picturesque island of Oahu? 

The program is even willing to pay for the round trip flight and provide significant discounts on dining and accommodations, but the gag is, only 50 people will be selected to start out.

Movers and Shakas’ founder, Jason Higa, told CNN: “The pandemic has normalized remote work for the foreseeable future, so we believe this situation presents an opportunity for residents to return home, and for out of state professionals to experience Hawaii, not as tourists, but as contributing members of our community.”

After the first 50 are selected, applicants will then be selected on a rolling basis.

Those who are chosen for the program are expected to spend at least a month on the island. The website states that they hope people will choose to stay longer.

In exchange for the free flights and various perks, those selected are expected to commit to non-profit work on the island. 

Participants are required to “share their expertise and professional connections among the local community,” according to the website. This involves dedicating several hours a week to working with the locals.



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