Vaccinated People Are Starting to Travel Again and They’re Acting Like Viral Assholes -

The viral video shows passenger punching a flight attendant on a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento to San Diego on May 23, 2021- DiscoverDior

A new video emerged showing the moment a Southwest Airlines passenger assaulted a flight attendant. The flight attendant, seen bleeding in the video, lost two teeth as a result of the altercation. The FAA said it's been seeing a spike of aggressive behavior on airlines in recent months.

As Memorial Day weekend winds down, plenty of people on the roads say this was just the start of their post-pandemic travel.

Americans are on the move this Memorial Day weekend, throwing aside pandemic restrictions to get a head start on summer. Big crowds are expected Monday at many popular destinations – a drastic change from one year ago.

Sara Blair, a manager at Hollywood Burger in Los Angeles, said the increase in visitors is a welcome sign of a busy summer ahead. "The past couple of days have been crazy," she said.

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines said they are holding off on resuming alcoholic beverage services, after a flight attendant was assaulted and the industry grapples with a surge of other passenger incidents on board.   

A Southwest flight attendant suffered injuries to her face and lost two teeth after she was assaulted by a passenger, according to a May 24 letter from Southwest flight attendants' union president Lyn Montgomery to CEO Gary Kelly. Between April 8 to May 15, there were 477 passenger misconduct incidents on Southwest flights, Montgomery wrote.

  • Southwest Airlines says it's delaying a planned return of alcohol sales on board.
  • The decision comes after one of its flight attendants was assaulted on board.
  • The FAA this week said incidents, some of them violent, against flight attendants have surged this year, even though passenger numbers are below normal levels.

Memorial Day commemorates the military personnel who died while serving their country. Concert-goers, if you're indoors for (say) 2 hours, "socially distancing" is not going to protect you from an airborne infection. 

This is because the longer you're indoors, the farther exhaled virus can travel. 2 metres between couples is not some kind of magic protection zone.

While Massachusetts has lifted most COVID-19 restrictions, visitors to Boston say rideshares haven’t returned to the city, hurting their travel plans.

“I had to try Uber 3 times and couldn’t get a car. Lyft finally came through after about 15-20 minutes of trying,” said Lakesha Carter, who is visiting from Florida. “It was a little scary because I’m here as a solo traveler, just to explore the city and it almost felt like oh boy, what am I going to do if I don’t find a car?”

“I know a lot of people have said they are unable to get an Uber or Lyft so we’ve been taking taxis,” said Patti Silver, who is visiting from Minneapolis.



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