Canada : Unveils International Travel Vaccine Passport For Dummies — Cannot Fly Without It - DiscoverDior

Canada unveils international travel vaccine passport — starting Nov. 30, you won’t be able to fly without it - DiscoverDior.

Federal officials say they are confident that other countries will accept the “pan-Canadian” standardized document, but that work is ongoing to ensure international partners are familiar with it.

So many questions, what about medical exemptions? Do we even exist to you? You know the very the people that rely on herd immunity. The ones many wanted to sacrifice so they could go to a restaurant after a mere week of lockdowns, while so many sick people live in isolation for years or decades.

The standardized document will contain the holder’s full name, date of birth, their vaccination status, number of doses, vaccine type, product name and lot number, and the date they were vaccinated. It won’t contain other medical information. 

Fully vaccinated doesn't mean you got your 2 shots and you're good now. The vaccination passports have 8 slots. This means you won't be allowed to travel unless you get your booster shots every year, multiple times a year. Are you guys serious?



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